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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted June 06, 2010 at 20:46:23

Ben - You are going to put in a cold air return right? Otherwise you will have endless problems getting it warm.

I sure hope that you get the electrical checked, I am sure your neighbours, visitors and future owners would all appreciate it, nothing like an electrical fire at the Christmas Eve party to put a real damper on the holiday season. A lot of our by-laws are there because there is an unlimited supply of idiots out there who will build dangerous and/or obnoxious projects.

Laws are always a problem when they restrict what we want to do but are wonderful when they restrict what others want to do that we disagree with. The ultimate NIMBY attitude. No zoning laws would certainly result in more high density student housing in Westdale. Might be good for some of the students but it is about the last thing in the world families want beside their house. I bet the guy building the high density student complex is not living beside it.

Laws are there to protect the majority of society. Sure they are a pain for some of us at certain times but I shudder at the thought of living without them.

A Smith - You don't suppose that all the growth nonsense you have been spouting has anything to do with the presence of oil in Alberta do you.

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