Comment 421

By dukeru (anonymous) | Posted April 23, 2006 at 18:59:15

nice post...there ya go...scaring everyone with this left wing, tree hugging liberal warning....

Anybody who agrees with what I just worte would do well to investigate the issue of peak oil a bit more diligently. Start with a google keyword search: "peak oil". You will find thousands of source for information. Many of them are a little far left of where I feel comfortable politically. Many of the voices and opinions warning of this impending doom may fall in line with your political leanings. You will doubtless find opinions that you have trusted until now.

Bottom line for me: When Goldman Sachs and CIBC Global, to of the most respected financial companies in the world begin to rumble about "new oil target prices between $70 and $110 pr barrel" and "$384 per barrel by 2015", I think it is safe to say that Knowledge is Power. Read. Learn. Conserve. Prosper.

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