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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted June 22, 2010 at 08:57:29

Mr. McGreal, things ARE different here. Netherlanders pay the highest price per litre of fuel in all of Europe at about a euro and a half ($1.90 CA), compared to Hamilton's 90 cents. Don't you find that exceptional Ryan?

Our per capita income is not exceptionally different however: Canada $29,740 vs Netherlands $28,600.

I have no problem imagining the "shift" if higher gas prices were coupled with other financial, regulatory and structural "deterents", Ryan. "Incentives" on the other hand are an exception to the rule. I find another statistic quite exceptional by comparison: unemployment rates, which in the Netherlands is 5% and in Canada 8.5%. Yet the percentages of our populations living in poverty is not all that different: Canada 10.8% vs Netherlands 10.5%

IT seems to me that more folks in the Netherlands are working, earning about the same per capita but paying twice as much for their fuel. The desired shift therefore, will require a doubling of fuel costs here in Canada. Is this conclusion overtly post-hoc or simply a crude de-termination?

There is a huge difference between deterents and incentives Ryan and our governments seldom if ever offer us the latter, although we will experience a shift for the better when peak oil determines we're all in this together. So relax, be patient, pedal to the greens for playing around in the gulf, try to enjoy the good weather! Creating cyclists from a car culture is vanity even though IT's a worthy endeavor.

BTW - UrbanRenaissance presented an excellent image of a future built upon deterences. Ryan, have you ever considered being the leader of the Human Resistance?

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