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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted June 22, 2010 at 23:21:25

I biked to work for years but drove more in the soccer dad period. Am now wondering if them newfangled electric bikes might be a good fit, especially for trips going up the escarpment thingy some call a mountain. Not sure what the rules are and if it is practical.

Incentives matter and will soon come to the fore naturally as oil peaks. But its time for bikes anyway since the pioneering has been done and folks are ready for this enjoyable, healthy alternative. Time to elect a politician who is also ready - to remove obstacles and set a good example. Make haste slowly though and experiment as to how best to deal with snow and other logistics. That bike elevator is cool and perhaps doable in Hamilton, how many is the question -- which relates to the cost vs city density issue. Do something unique and people will flock to the city.

If you're wondering if I suddenly became a different person, a booster even, fear not. Same old curmudgeon teabagger skinflint scrooge that always looks for a cheaper way of doing things so the city can save money and lower taxes/ get out of debt. Bikes R it. Next step - one of those bike swarm things one sees in Toronto some weekends, ta hell with politicians, no?

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