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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted June 24, 2010 at 11:09:01

When I was a teen buying a bike with my Dad, the guy at the bike shop was appalled that we were going to do something as vile as add a kickstand to the wonderful piece of sporting machinery they were selling me. Over a decade later, it now has panniers and a rear-view mirror to boot... but I've still got the old damnable offroad tires on it. I really need to pick up some slicks. It has no guard on the gears for some inexplicable high-performance reason... something else I keep putting-off fixing.

The biggest tragedy is selling kids bikes with shocks. I'm sorry, unless you're going down the escarpment by the as-the-crow-flies route, a pair of cheap shocks are going to be a waste of pedal energy.

I always looked with confusion at my Dad's old bike he gave me - the fact that it was a step-through frame (for a man?) roped-on leather seat cover, the stranger shape, the swept back handle bars, the insanely heavy steel frame... and the hideous granny fenders.

I tried it last winter. Holy crap is it comfy to sit upright and stroll on your bike.

Yeah, it's ludicrous that, for the past decades we've been selling sport bikes (well, cheap knock-offs of sport bikes) to kids who will never use the bikes to go trailriding or racing. They don't have cars, why the hell do you think they're buying a bike?

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