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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted June 24, 2010 at 22:37:24

I sincerely wish the roads were safer, quieter, more people friendly and with less smog as a result. I think registered users are hammering me with downvotes because of the way I say things and not so much that what I say is without merit. In fact I've noticed I've gotten more upvotes than many others just by doing the math.

The bottom line is you cannot force or even entice folks onto the roadways with their unarmoured people-powered vehicles if they're going to feel at risk of severe bodily injury or death. The majority of roads in this city whether they have dedicated bike lanes or not have treacherous storm water catch basins along the curb exactly where bikes are expected to ride, and consequently avoid.

TreyS also makes a very valid argument and I dare say I cannot even imagine how I could possibly operate a bicycle with the bare minimum of tools/materials necessary for the plumbing trade. I can understand that many folks have jobs which only require their warm bodies present in the workplace and they are the fortunate few who may take full advantage of this type of commute. But, I will caution that mere act of exerting oneself on a bike in heavy traffic ensures a higher intake of polluted air deeper into the lungs.

Properly manicured bike lanes are good start though and reconsidering truck routes as well is certainly going to help achieve safer roads. In addition, the mindset that high speed, timed-light, one-way race tracts through the heart of our city is somehow convenient or environmentally friendly is purely illogical and must cease to exist.

I recently acquired a used bike for my daughter who is considering using this as an alternative commute to McMaster, an alternative to taking the bus. And I think what scares her the most is having to compete with those very same buses close to the curb and having to swerve around storm sewers and parked cars during the chaos of rush hour. Perhaps that's why she hasn't used it yet. Oh well, IT's the thought that counts EH?

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