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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted June 25, 2010 at 18:15:39

Please Ryan, do not use the word baseless to describe anything I've ever written. I was listening when you said this:

We are by no means unique insofar as the basic human principles of exchange, urban development, land use, people and goods movement apply here as much as anywhere else. People here still respond to incentives in general, and to price signals in particular. If it's cheaper and easier to drive, more people will drive longer distances more frequently; if it's cheaper and easier to take transit, more people will take transit more frequently.

Pod to base, come in base. Over.

We're reading you loud and clear WRCU2, over.

Captain McGreal, the Russians have successfully docked with the mothership but they say they will not accept the US currency we have in petty cash, they say they will swap Undustrial's gold watch for fifty litres of avgas but you know we'll require at least 100 for a safe landing in the Atlantic. Damn-IT Captain, we're talking about re-entry here, do you want to have to recover us in the Gulf of Mexico?!!! Over.

We're terribly sorry WRCU2, the province once again short changed us on the gas revenue, but the good news is Mr. Joyce and the Queen herself have dispatched their persnal yachts to the gulf with
a squadron of volunteer scrubbers and a hectare of straw. Mr. Hayward unfortunatly sends his regrets, you know what happened to him. Over and Out!

Aye, aye Captain. Once again, I guess IT's, It's, it's sink or skim, Sir. Over and ouch...

Now the president is repackaging cap-and-trade -- again -- as a long-term solution to the oil spill. But it's the same old agenda, a huge energy tax that will raise the cost of gasoline and electricity high enough so that we're forced to use less.

Please notice the word "forced" Ryan, even though we both know, IT is austerity plain& simple, bro. We are not unique, in fact, WE are alot alike, no? We are gonna get used to those fine bicyclist lanes somehow, I just don't think we'll appreciate them incentive's price-signalling pains, just now.

PS - Your pages are becoming incredibly tedious to load; Is raisethehammer actually suffering from traffic congestion as a result of a bike lane discussion or is this simply a hosting bandwidth problem? Your site was never lickety-split but IT was never this slow. Thought you might like to know;-)

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