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By frank (registered) | Posted June 28, 2010 at 16:23:28

I think we should be able to agree that both sides went overboard. Protesters are in no way innocent and it's quite easy to edit out the part of a video where the person, who in the video was simply shouting at officers just finished throwing a pool ball through a storefront window.

I'm not on anyone's side but I can promise you this, if I'd been a protester peacefully protesting and some of those black-whatevers started causing problems, I'd have done my best to turn them black and blue before they started casting a vile shadow over my peaceful attempts to protest.

FWIW, IMO there's nothing "peaceful" about shouting at police officers. If you can't maintain your cool you shouldn't be there. When your kids are yelling at each other, is your response "it's peaceful in here"?

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