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By frank (registered) | Posted June 29, 2010 at 08:37:41

what a joke wrote: "And when will people learn protesting changes nothing?"

I was thinking about this yesterday... My first thought was exactly that but then I thought about Martin Luther King's marches back in the day and I can't say that they did nothing. My conclusion is that there's something to be said for PEACEFUL protests but IMO only if the cause is supported by a mass of people. When a cause is supported by fringe groups who think intimidation and other such tactics are a good idea their cause gets drowned out by anger at their methods.

As for this weekends protests how about asking the officer who was trapped in his car surrounded by "protesters" as they bashed it in how he felt? or how about the woman and security guard who cowered in a bank as protesters seethed outside? or the store owners who's storefronts were smashed in by "peaceful" protesters? or the people who rushed into department stores to escape the violence going on outside? Making judgments based on video taken by protesters who instigated violence is asinine at best!

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