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By frank (registered) | Posted June 29, 2010 at 09:33:50

As an aside, I'm trying to find the blog I read on Saturday night after I got home from my fireworks show. It was written by someone who was in the group with the black bloc protesters who witnessed the tactics they used to avoid detention. It's what made me believe that while there may have been protesters in the group who had no idea what was going on, collectively they're responsible for aiding them in doing what they did.

If those who were peacefully protesting were so keen on keeping it that way, then they should have been out there helping the police arrest those who were responsible for the violence.

You do see what's goin on here right? I'm supporting the police who by and large performed admirably and with a restraint that I don't know I could have had in the same situation (despite the few who went over the top) and you're supporting a group of protesters who by and large were partaking in peaceful protests (which also contained a contingent that went over the top). The difference is that while the police may have gone over the top in some circumstances, the harm done pales in comparison to the violence done. I know you're argument will be that any violation of rights is a huge one and my argument will be what about the rights of Torontonians who now have to repair their storefronts? or the police officer who most likely was afraid for his life while he sat in his cruiser as it was beaten to a pulp? or the rights of Torontonians to not have to lock themselves in their buildings in order to avoid the violence downtown? Who's rights take precedence - those who live and use the city or those who travel there to protest?

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