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By frank (registered) | Posted June 29, 2010 at 15:18:34

Nobrainer, I'm sure the Star can find many more accounts from protesters who feel they were wronged and one or two of them may be legitimate - that's not my point. You enter a protest of this type knowing that there's a chance something can happen. Crying when it does doesn't work for me. Writing on a sidewalk in the same area as violent protests just took place? or driving around in a car with a hatchet and hammer that accidentally were left in the car from "a long time ago"...give me a break! Taking pictures of buildings? not leaving when you're asked to leave... Definitely a nobrainer.

I'm not one to do whatever I'm told in fact I love calling the police on the police and have done so a few times. However you KNOW the situation. You know that the day before there were violent reprehensible attacks on buildings/police in the area and yet you challenge officers? or drive around with a hatchet in your car? Give me a break! I wasn't born yesterday and neither were you.

A quote from one of those arrested: "Dwek understands police were trying to prevent a repeat of the Saturday violence but wishes they were able to tell the protestors and bystanders from the "rebels without a cause.""

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