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By three points or so (anonymous) | Posted June 30, 2010 at 22:40:27

First, arrests were oing on starting the week prior and many organizers never made it becasue they were picked up in advance. It is not a crime to assemble except apparently wehn authorities want it to.

Second, police were at their quietest when the vandalims occured as they were ordered not to engage. why is this? Instead they just up their brutality after they have an excuse that could have been at least mitigated if not prevented given the number of officers, undercover people etc.

Third no matter what one person or group has done, that is not an excuse to ignore human rights and do as you please and hide under the banner of public safety. I would ask people to not only look at these vidos but watch media here possible and listen to the first hand accounts which have devestating similarities.

The main reason the causes were not heard as they should is within our media who look for the most sensational for their broadcasts.

Finally, in this day and age is such a gathering really necessary? A violent element always seems to follow which our leaders know and accept. Spending a billion dolars is not the answer. We have so much communication technology I suggest our leaders use it and save the billions used for these events on the needs of the people and our planet.

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