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By TD (registered) | Posted July 03, 2010 at 19:35:34

It's what made me believe that while there may have been protesters in the group who had no idea what was going on, collectively they're responsible for aiding them in doing what they did.

By that token, while I'm sure there were police officers working the summit who committed no crimes, collectively the police force is responsible for the offences that were committed by some of their officers. If cops don't want to associate with their violent brethren, they should quit the force.

The difference is that while the police may have gone over the top in some circumstances, the harm done pales in comparison to the violence done. I know you're argument will be that any violation of rights is a huge one and my argument will be what about the rights of Torontonians who now have to repair their storefronts?

If you don't think that police officers beating and arresting Canadian citizens for sitting peacefully on public property is a greater offense against the entire COUNTRY than a few broken STOREFRONTS, you have a severely impaired moral compass. What kind of person thinks breaking glass is worse than breaking people?

The most important job of security in any situation is to exercise restraint. Unless you're the President's bodyguard, you exercise restraint. You don't attack crowds of people, even if a rock bounces off your riot shield. You take the hit and you exercise restraint. That is the price of living in a free country.

This Canada Day I was not proud of Canada.

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