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By OhWell (anonymous) | Posted July 07, 2010 at 15:20:09

100%, it should have been considered a site and many who've I've mentioned my plan to have agreed.

Here's how it would play out in my vision.
1. Day after last game of 2010 season, demolition starts.
2. Spring 2011 site ready for new construction, no Env. Assessment, no purchase/expropriation of property, no need to re-purpose the site, etc.
3. TiCats move to Ron Joyce Stadium at Mac, where the stadiums 6,000 seats are boosted to 13,000 - 15,000 through temporary bleachers.
4. TiCats have a new home for 2 seasons.
5. After 2 years of construction TiCat Season Opener 2013 in new stadium.
6. Pan Am Games can come to town.

As a bonus, the city could reclaim Scott Park (SP) and work a re-use of that property into the development (perhaps Velodrome??). The whole area (IWS, SP & Brian Timmis) could be turned into a sports focused hub - Baseball Diamonds, Jimmy Thompson, Scott Park Arena, new-IWS, Velodrome (or something else on SP School site), a re-configured/purposed Brian Timmis.

Works for me...

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