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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted July 08, 2010 at 08:19:24

There is no common sense amongst our city leaders nor our corporate champions. We do not even need a new stadium for the Pan Am Games, Ivor Wynne is just fine and with a little spit-n-polish from the legacy fund, he would be good as new. But unfortunately, this does not line pockets with golden fleece taken from both me and you.

Mr. Merulla is happy about the East Mountain choice because this will remove the tax burden of stadium operations off the backs of us lower city residents. You will recall that Mr. Merulla was against the games bid from the very beginning. He is thinking of his constituents best interests, but I am not so sure this East Mountain site is best for the city.

Sadly, if Ivor Wynne is mothballed and Scott Park is scratched with another more distant site being chosen, my football fan days are numbered, and the Cats will have to find a new angle for their promotional videos, to get me to the games for an Oskie Wee Wee hosin'.

I am also shocked and dismayed the Ivor Wynne has not been considered as a HERITAGE SITE full of history and our Commenwealth Games legacy. What a crying shame! Look at all the real money that could be saved along with the preservation of a local landmark, which now appears grave.

So much for our SuperHeroes in the Black & Gold, Bob Young has determined that our legacy gets sold.

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