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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 08, 2010 at 17:02:56

Always be suspicious when people tell you that repairing something old will cost >more than just buying/building a new one.

Case in point: my hundred-year-old house is in great shape and will easily last >>another hundred years with normal maintenance; whereas a house built today will >>be starting to fall apart in two or three decades.

My house is only 60 or so years old, but I agree. Not to mention the character of these old homes. I think almost every house on my street is different too.

I try to fix where I can and where I know how, or utilize friends or social networking sites to find people who can help me fix them.

I have two old radio receivers that were staticky when I turned the volume up or down. One friend recommended I open them up, blow em out, and all would be good. They are like brand new now and one is probably from the 70's (with an 8-track recorder), and one is probably early 80's.

One thing not included in the costs of new stadiums, is the cost to the earth of all that garbage tossed into the ground that was once a working thing/stadium/house that could have just used a little of the TLC Ryan mentioned to save it and the earth from such a fate.

Some things need to be thrown away/tore down when they are dangerous and beyond repair, but I think most things can be fixed.

Kijiji is my best friend. I try to get rid of unwanted items on there even if they are free and broken if I think someone else might be able to easily fix them, and to purchase/pick up others cool junk. aka records.

So I put this out to all my social media contacts, how do we 'fix' IWS and save it from the fate we are talking about here?

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