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By Windfall (registered) | Posted July 10, 2010 at 06:15:46

All people are Mr., Mrs or Miss until as a formality I am properly introduced so Mr Thomas in these circumstances is appropriate. I am eighty-nine, younger than your grandfather, but in my own right a grandfather and a great granfather, also a WWII veteran seeing France first at Dieppe and then revisiting for a longer period on D-Day. Like many I fought for my country and returning to Hamilton I fought for a Union in 1946 and I continue to fight against all injustice and I consider anything, or anyone, who steals or whittles away at our common way of life to be a purveyor of injustice. The glitter and sounds of commercialism tends to blind us and deafen us and too often distracts us from the considerations we should be giving to a whole human society.

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