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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 16, 2010 at 16:07:11

Definations of community are all the same really in my eyes. Just different in what type of community setting you like or want to live in.

I think you know my view of what makes a great stadium locaiton, Mystoneycreek, and yes the EM locaiton is in a community or close to a very beautiful one I might add. One which I could see myself re-locating to one day. But that Big Box nightmare, I think that is not a commuity I want to live by. Centre Mall is bad enough even though it looks so much cleaner. They made a mistake not keeping that area a mall. At least they listened a litte bit and built a food pavillion.

As for stadiums like IWS amongst the community. Now I love this seeting, living by it, and I love all this life and excitement and accessibilty to so much being all around me. Perhaps the problem lies in buying a house when you are 20 and living your entire life there and expecting the area to change as you get old and grumpy and don't like loud noises and too much excitement anymore.

When I am 80, I might not like living by a stadium anymore but am I going to focus my energy to get them to quite down and rid the area of the stadium, or move to somewhere that is more fitting to my changing lifestyle.

West Harbor or current site (although I know the latter isn't on the table), I think once a site is chosen, we need to build it and brand the area to be what it is going to be now and forever, a stadium area.

Perhaps IWS would work better if there wasn't constant talks about it moving. Should I buy, sell, maybe the property will be worth something if the stadium moves? We could just say "it's staying". Like it or move away. This is a football/sporting area/community and it's here to stay and we are going to make it work as such.

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