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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted July 28, 2010 at 20:40:41

Thank you all for your comments, they are much appreciated!

On the lighter side of things, I would like to share with all here, two comments on the topic of Hamilton MSM (below), from my Facebook page.

These comments are from a blogpost I had really hoped to have seen published here at RTH, (as it was the final part of a trilogy on Larry) - but it was not meant to be, on account of evidence based irreconcilable differences that cropped up with my publisher/editor :-)

This orphaned third piece titled: "Welcome to the mayoral race, Larry!" can now only be found on my facebook page and also on The Hamiltonian blog. And sadly, now I am told that Facebook owns the rights to this third piece on Larry! :-)


Mahesh P. Butani

Larry Di Ianni:

Mahesh, I learned a long time ago not to complain about the media. In fact the trite statement says something about "don't complain; don't explain" when it comes to media treatment. I have been on the receiving end of criticism and I have gotten my share of positive attention. I take it all in stride.

I suggest you continue to be thoughtful and to present yourself well and you will get the attention you deserve. I, for one, look forward to your contribution.

Regards and we will have that coffee soon, I hope.

Mahesh P. Butani:

Hello Larry,

"Don't complain; don't explain" -- is a nice tenet to live by for sure - if one is seeking that 'road' which is paved with good intentions.

But our goals are quite different. I am focused on bringing change to Hamilton, and you just want to be loved!! ( know, I am kidding here :-))

When one is focused on change, one starts to see things differently.

For real change (transformation) to occur - right conditions need to exist or be created first.

In some developing countries, change had a chance, because its Media knew - right from wrong. We now call such countries - economies (...Brazil, China, and even India).

All change is organic - Yes, most cities too operate on this same principle.

Can you imagine the outcome in this video, if Cripps, Dreschel, Elliot, or even a Kelly - got a hold of this organically unfolding process?

This should not be that difficult to imagine - just look around Hamilton.

For Hamilton to change, its Media has to be made to change first - as there is a zero chance of organic growth there. So, if one has to drag it by its ears, kicking and screaming into the 21st century - then that is what one has to do - if one is focused on change.

Now, if one just wants to be loved - then you are right, one can comfortably get by on your tenet alone.

Coffee soon - most definitely! Cheers.

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