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By cd (anonymous) | Posted August 28, 2010 at 22:36:01

Good question.

In Stoney Creek there aren't many of them and, as you say, they're scarcely being used.I think cyclists feel unsafe on the roads (there have been fatalities here), & there hasn't been the same media attention to the issue you get in Toronto.

People have to become used to the idea of cycling as an alternative to cars (wherever that is feasible). As much as I'm annoyed at cyclists on sidewalks I can also understand their reluctance to share the roads with drivers who still see them as a nuisance.

We need to encourage cycling activism such as the kind, perhaps, you see in San Francisico where cyclists, from time to time, purposely take possession of the roads, subjecting motorists to the same levels of frustration & anger they normally cause cyclists. But short of that we can ask local politicians to become more aware themselves and help make bicycle lanes mandatory along every major city road.

Under these conditions if you build them, they will come.

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