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By d.knox (registered) | Posted August 29, 2010 at 08:58:41

@ISRF - there are many bike lanes in the city and I am one of the cyclists who uses them. One main problem is that there are not many continuous, reasonable routes. For example: the King Street bridge over the 403 is great, but to use it, you have to ride on a road with no bike lanes. If you are coming from Dundurn, there's no bike lane once you cross Main Street, so you ride cautiously on the road and hope people are paying attention.

That's not encouraging, even though I've found that most motorists are very considerate. There's no bike lane on King and it doesn't start until past the next little street, just before the bridge. It doesn't make sense to encourage cyclists and then leave then scrambling without a lane.

I see your point that given the number of miles of bike lanes this city has, we don't have many cyclists. But if you knew how disjointed the routes are, you'd have some idea why we need more bike lanes - not new routes, just more lanes to connect the existing ones together. And I'm glad to see this is happening.

As for cyclists riding the sidewalk when there is a bike lane right beside them, they deserve a ticket, just like a motorist who violates any other traffic code.

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