Comment 467

By NormE (anonymous) | Posted May 07, 2006 at 13:36:04

Hope your financial advice is not as far off base as your assessment of evolution. There are fewer holes in the evolution theory every year, that is how science works. The belief based creationism story has only imagineering based on biblical books written by early builders of the religious industry. Read works that examine the plagiarism of pagan practices and symbols by the evolving early Christian cult and you will have an epiphany in how you view religious institutions. It is a racket that only reveals the power of human inventiveness and creativity in storytelling.

Peak oil is real, with the three largest fields ever discovered now in announced decline (Cantarell in MX, Burgan in Kuwait and Ghawar in Saudi Arabia). The latter was the final nail in the coffin of cheap abundant crude oil. At $3 a gallon you pay 19 cents per 8 oz. cup of gasoline. How much do we pay for a cup of yuppie coffee? A $75 barrel of crude oil has the energy equivalent of 8 people laboring for a year. Expensive, no way.
Good luck America.

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