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By geoff's two cents (registered) | Posted September 01, 2010 at 01:23:04

I might add, from a user's perspective, that BRT (assuming people mean a system like Ottawa's) is considerably less pleasant to use than LRT.

For starters, waiting for a bus is unpleasant. The buses are noisy and the smell of exhaust is very strong (this latter point might be avoided with electric trolley-style BRT).

Secondly, the buses themselves are less pleasant to ride; rails are much smoother, and make activities like reading much easier.

Aesthetics, finally, should not be dismissed out of hand. While some may see LRT as a "fancy" waste of money, others may see it as a pleasurable way of getting around, particularly vis a vis private automobiles.

I appreciate Ray's comments, and don't interpret them as an attack on the "pro-LRT" side. I would likewise agree that basing a city like Hamilton's transit decisions solely on the admittedly fuzzy prospect of a subsequent wave of private investment following LRT is not (at least for me) by itself satisfactory.

That said, for the reasons I've listed (and those commonly expressed on RTH), I want to see Hamilton get an LRT, not a BRT.

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