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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted September 09, 2010 at 15:52:43

Ryan: "and one of the things that has been interesting me more in the past year or so is the question of how to use the internet to foster more real-world organization."

Any observations you've made so far that you can share? I've been looking at this question since grad school, when I was writing papers on social movement organization and the internet. At the time, I found that most online organization mimicked its real-world counterpart, but this was at least five years back, and before the explosion of social networking software.

I still discuss the issue with organizer friends who swear by Facebook as a movement organizational tool, but they're also willing to admit that while it's made organizing easier (inviting people to a rally with a click of a button vs. our old method of rounding up students in the school's common areas), no one has gone so far as to suggest its actually increased the numbers of attendees to meetings/events/rallies, etc, or the success of the movements that use them. By this point, they're happy using social networking as a tool that can supplement traditional organizing, but stop short of claiming it's revolutionized the process.

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