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By MikeB (anonymous) | Posted September 13, 2010 at 19:45:36

Just some comments about the stats

Scarborough RT
The author of the article says that the Scarborough RT in Toronto has low ridership. That is far from the truth. The Scarborough RT has very good ridership and in fact the system is at capacity and can not carry any more riders unless a project to increase capacity is done.

The authort of the article says that the Buffalo Metrorail has low ridership. That is also wrong. The Buffalo Metrorail actually has one of the highest ridership levels of any LRT system in the USA, eventhough it is one of the shortest. This is amazing considering the LRT runs through an inner city and downtown which have seen many problems over the years.

Edmonton LRT
It was also stated that the Edmonton LRT had low ridership. That is not true either. The daily ridership on the first leg of the Edmonton LRT was average for the length that LRT line was. Now that it has been expanded, ridership is through the roof.

I think the point of caution for Hamilton is that Hamilton is not getting full LRT. Hamilton is getting a more higher order streetcar route. True rapid LRT like Calgary has can not be built in the middle of a road like Main Street.
What Hamilton is getting is basically a version of the streetcar on Spadina Ave in Toronto. Just with less stops.

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