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By frank (registered) | Posted September 29, 2010 at 09:45:41

Just because Di Ianni was there doesn't make him smart or a good candidate for mayor. It's called a photo-op and that's something he's always been good at! Also, Di Ianni can't "supervise" anything like rescuing a woman from a nearly sunken car. Truth be told, he has no more authority at a scene like that than you or I do. He's not a demi-god nor can he walk on water...he's just another normal civilian like the rest of us.

I am shocked at how consistently people get stuck in that flooded underpass! Sure she was an old lady so me saying that it was a STUPID decision to try driving through won't meet with the blanket approval but COME ON!!! Every freaking time there's a rain storm someone gets stuck there! You see water over the road that looks kinda deep, don't go there! Parkdale and Ottawa Streets are surface crossings and they're both just a short drive away!! There's a sign that warns of flooding. Maybe I'm a bit callous, but old lady or not, I don't feel sorry for someone who gets stuck there just like I wouldn't feel sorry for a guy who runs through the lion pen at the African Lion Safari wearing a meat suit and gets attacked by lions! You're driving a car, NOT a submarine!

End Rant...

As for the RHVP, changing out the grates that were getting clogged seems to have helped.

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