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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted September 29, 2010 at 14:40:01

Let's not beat on an old lady. I wouldn't have known, and given the current construction on the Jolley Cut could easily have been on that road at the time, though I rarely travel it normally. And if DiIanni stuck around to help, good on 'im. Y'all know how I feel about the guy, but I'm a lot less fond of people who see a crisis and walk on by as if nothing's happening.

If the City built a waterslide where a road should be, then they should deal with it. That goes for the Kennilworth Access and the Red Hill Expressway. You cannot replace natural creek-bed with concrete and expect it to absorb storm surges in the same way. A single tree, in water-saturated ground, can drink thousands of litres in these situations, as well as breaking winds, providing shelter and stabilizing hillsides. A few years of engineering studies cannot replace the natural services of the Red Hill. And spending hundreds of millions on it certainly hasn't helped the infrastructure crisis in the rest of the city. Thank Bob this didn't happen in the winter or half of Kirkendale would have been a giant popsicle (much like it was that cold day on Locke St).

We've paved permeable ground surfaces from the highpoint of land (the Airport), right down through the expanding "burbs" into some of the last inner-city greenspaces. And at every step of the way, we've pumped more carbon into the air, making storms worse. What exactly did we expect to happen?

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