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By Mongo56 (anonymous) | Posted October 05, 2010 at 16:37:33

I agree with most points on this page. Well done everyone.

I'd like to add that we need general (re)education of road rules for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike. Seems like a lot of people forget to look both ways, for instance. And most cyclists don't do regular shoulder checks (are they crazy!?).

I'm one of the 0.5% cyclists... young, strong, male... cycling in traffic, all conditions, all year, every day. I feel perfectly fine only because I can keep pace and I communicate with traffic. They communicate with me and we both give courtesies back and forth. IMHO, for me personally I try to stay away from bike lanes because other cyclists are too dangerous.

What I see on a daily basis are less-skilled cyclists weaving around and unable to properly use their bike (how to properly manage your momentum, gear changes, braking, etc).

I just wish there was a massive poster and tv ad campaign to tell cyclists to shoulder check more often, and for pedestrians to look both ways multiple times as they cross the street... and to predict their jaywalking window better.

Could something also be said of the people who ride massive beach cruisers that have 4 foot wide handlebars??? Like where's the common sense? Do they feel comfortable in tight spots with those bikes? Can they control their bike in an emergency situation?

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