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By Paul (registered) | Posted October 24, 2010 at 16:04:56

I think that is only one side of the picture. How many businesses closed, laid people off etc? Building permits show growth but what kind of growth? Sprawl is growth but is more cancerous to the whole than sustainable development such as using existing resources and intensifying.

How much of this new construction necessary? An endless unfettered growth of new housing will only raise the need for land we cannot afford to lose and provide jobs when we cannot support the people we have? Housing also will do little to lower the crippling taxes many face. Will the new jobs be just those in the construction of the new buildings or will they provide livable wage employment?

Was the building in the city where iti is most useful or further on the fringes in anticipation of spawling messes like Aerotropolis?

I am not saying there is not good signs in the data used in the article there is, but we need to be careful before being overly pleased with ourselves and downplay the troubles many continue to suffer in our city.

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