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By bobinnes (registered) - website | Posted October 24, 2010 at 16:15:56

Good news but a little suspicious. Investors understand how CEO's release good news as stock prices peak and bad news at the bottom. Are politico's now doing something similar? Even if not, news perfectly legit, is this the crest. The US boomed just before it crashed. What happens when they crash again, or more likely they trash the greenback to protect their markets and erase obligations like pensions. Recall that when the US sneezes....... We need to know more.

The 300m$ commercial can probably be accounted for by malls such as the new Center on Barton ($100m). I thought RTHrs are anti-mall, pro streetscape???? Malls might be efficient timewise but doesn't that mean fewer retail employees than local stores? How much is institutional? Great except they pay no municipal tax. How much is infrastructure = one time boost from QE1? Need to know more.

The 700m balance must be residential. Is this infill (good) or sprawl (bad)? Need to know more.

Optimism maybe, but lets not count chickens before they hatch.

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