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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted May 24, 2006 at 15:07:43

Ryan, I followed the National Post debacle with some interest. The shock waves from that report were far and wide. The reality is that, erroneous facts aside, a worrying impression about Iran has still been left in people's minds (there's no smoke without fire, and all that).

What is more amazing is how easily we, the public, accept this. It's as if our expectations of the media are on a par with our expectations of government. They fail to do their jobs, and we fail to bother to complain, or expect any different. It's no wonder you get nutjobs like that New York Post bloke just making s**t up. What the public wants is a good story and if we don't have one - we'll create one. This is all very well and good when it's harmless fun. You can chase Britney around and make up whatever you like, I don't much care, but when you take this approach with delicate matters that constitute real news, it's a dangerous approach.

But like I say - IT'S OUR FAULT! As long as the public - us - stand around and allow it to happen, so that we can continue to feel blameless and be entertained, it is all our fault. Sniping at the institutions is all fine and dandy but they are only giving us what we crave.



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