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By MAB (registered) | Posted November 05, 2010 at 09:20:26

The concept of Open Data is a great idea. Particuarily when the new advanced polling stations need to be questioned. Also were they advantagous in including more people in the election process. From the increase of voter turn out I don t think so. They worked in the favour of the incumbents., whom I still need to find an answer if in fact they got to choose where these advanced polls were placed.. in area that is high in their own voter support.. Ideally, everyone voting at the same time, on the date of the elections, is the goal. Computer technology will give us this. The advanced polls subscribed to the convienience of voters, doing their civic duty and most voted on familiarity.. with little care what they just voted on for their area. or the greater hamilton for that fact.. All but two wards voted for aerotropolis. Did the voters supporting those in favour of aerotropolis by voting in the same old same old realize what they voted for?? Increased taxes etc on a speculative process...

Avanced polls are not helping improve our political process, it is just making it uglier than it already is.

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