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By Brian C (anonymous) | Posted December 04, 2010 at 07:51:32

I am quite relieved to read Ms Stephen's rationale and the decision to keep Main and Cannon one way streets. Yes, it is obvious that the speed of vehicles is too fast on these two streets but that can be remedied with a click of a few computer keys at city hall. (Why they don't is beyond me) Slow down the light synchronization speed to about 40kph from the current 57kph! One way streets are not inherently unfriendly to pedestrians but they sure are at the current high speeds. In fact there are many reasons why one way streets are better for pedestrians. e.g. Fewer stops and starts by vehicles reduce air pollution. Fewer turns across oncoming traffic. Crossing a street when having to look only in one direction is much safer. Has any one noticed the number of car/pedestrian collisions since John and James were converted? One sign of a healthy street life is the number of jay walkers. Crossing James St. North is now much more difficult and more dangerous. The new vitality on James St. North has nothing to do with two way traffic but everything to do with people like Dave Kuruc, Bryce Kanbara and Glenn Crawford putting their passion and money on the line for their vision. In his famous study/text on urban planning and architecture "A Pattern Language" (a must read if you want to learn how cities should operate) Christopher Alexander outlines, in chapter 23, the ideal major road pattern in a downtown urban city: A pairs of parallel roads, about 200m-400m apart, each going one way and connecting to ring roads about 2-3 miles either side of the downtown core. Does this sound familiar? Hamilton currently has the ideal road pattern! But the timing of the lights on those roads must be reduced from current speeds.

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