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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted December 05, 2010 at 23:41:04

I'm a proponent of LRT and an opponent of one-way streets but it seems that some people refuse to acknowledge that Hamilton has two physical barriers that we just can't ignore; the bay and the escarpment.

In reality, rather than one big urban circle, we have two long, narrow, parallel cities running east and west, one above and the other below the mountain. I believe getting people up and down the mountain should be the first step in improving transit. Modern, high speed "inclines" should be our first priority because joining the mountain to the bay would bring broader acceptance of LRT, allow more people to cycle or simply walk, invigorate the downtown and promote greater access and use of our most valuable asset, the bay.

Our second priority (and many on this site won't agree) should be joining Burlington Street (east of Wellington) with York Boulevard via Wellington North and the CN right-of-way, a corridor that would have virtually no residential impact and that would allow the traffic currently using Main and Cannon to get from east to west and vice versa and allow greater access to downtown. Trucks aren't on Main, King, Cannon or Wilson because they want to be but rather because there's no viable way to access the businesses in lower Hamilton. There is no "ring road" in the lower city.

If these two improvements had been on the books, I believe we'd be turning the sod on a west harbour stadium right now.

If you want LRT, you need two things; people on the mountain on board and two way streets.

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