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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted December 06, 2010 at 08:28:58

Our second priority (and many on this site won't agree) should be joining Burlington Street (east of Wellington) with York Boulevard via Wellington North and the CN right-of-way, a corridor that would have virtually no residential impact and that would allow the traffic currently using Main and Cannon to get from east to west and vice versa and allow greater access to downtown.

All this talk about us having no alternative to main/cannon for E/W traffic is utter BS.

I have timed it - to drive from QEW @ Burlington to 403 @ Main is 13 minutes whether you do it through the city or around it via the Skyway.

13 minutes. Try driving around any city in the world in 13 minutes.

If we create a livable downtown by slowing down the traffic, whether by de-timing the lights (A free solution we could implement overnight) or by converting the major streets back to two way (a slightly more expensive but still affordable solution which could be achieved within a few months), we will STILL be able to get from stoney creek to dundas in the same amount of time. We would just have to choose a different path. A more appropriate path - using the highways we have already built.

Trucks aren't on Main, King, Cannon or Wilson because they want to be but rather because there's no viable way to access the businesses in lower Hamilton. There is no "ring road" in the lower city.

The trucks that are making deliveries to and from the local businesses are not the problem.

Please pick a spot on cannon, set up a chair, sit with a coffee for an hour and watch the traffic. The majority of these trucks are not local traffic no matter how thinly you want to stretch the definition.

Trucks are on Main, Cannon (and to a much lesser extent, King and Wilson) because we have made those streets more viable than the highways around the city.

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