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By CaptainKirk (anonymous) | Posted December 06, 2010 at 10:02:06

I'm enjoying following this debate and learning about the urban traffic issues from both sides.

Gotta say how much I really love nobrainer's post and this succinct conclusion to it, " There is NOT a "NEED" to move traffic through the city, there's a NEED to STOP moving traffic through the city."

A very convincing post!

I tend to agree with him. I live near King and Centennial parkway and I can easily get downtown via RHVP/QEW/Burlington st. It's a great route.

Also, when I was travelling regularly to downtown Dundas, RHVP/LINC/Old Ancaster road was 20 minutes, 10 minutes less than going through downtown Hamilton.

There are ways to get around the city. I'm all for slowing down downtown and making it much more people and pedestrian friendly.

As a recent regular to the art crawls, I can also see the benefits of converting James st. N. to 2 way. James st. N. now has a wonderful vitality that is still emerging.

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