Comment 52694

By John Neary (registered) | Posted December 06, 2010 at 11:22:31

The corollary to my earlier post is that if the road allowance on King Street really doesn't permit LRT plus bidirectional traffic, that fact really ought to have been taken into account when King Street (rather than Main Street) was chosen as the preferred route.

I also ought to have mentioned earlier that one lane in each direction ought to be sufficient on King if there is no longer any expectation that King Street will be used as a thoroughfare, which kind of negates the point of my previous post. And a twenty-metre cross-section (with 3 m lanes and 2.5 m sidewalks) would permit one traffic lane and one LRT lane in each direction plus an extra 3 m that could be used for turning lanes at intersections, LRT platforms just back from the intersections, and parking/loading on one side in the middle of the blocks. There's no need for LRT platforms directly opposite each other, or in the same cross-section as a left-hand turning lane.

Does anyone know the road allowances on Spadina or St. Clair (Toronto, not Hamilton)?

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