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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted December 06, 2010 at 14:06:58


If it's carrying steel, odds are they're going to the industrial parks in the northeast end (close to the confluence of Burlington St, the RHVP, and the QEW) and you frequently see steel trucks downtown... and there is no steel industry downtown. By definition, those trucks are crossing town, entering the city from the west end (or transloading material from trains there).

Here's the thing: downtown traffic is never choked up. It's often slow, you often have to worm your way around construction or a FedEx truck making a drop-off in a clearly-marked no-stopping-zone... but it's always moving. And if something goes really wrong, you're only an intersection away from a back-up option.

The expressways are not like this. One bad accident and you're stuck spending an hour at 10kph... and there's no way to leave. If it happens westbound on the QEW, there's no escape anywhere between the QEW/407/403 ramps to Westdale, since getting onto Highway 6 will just lead you on a wild goose chase (perhaps the work they've done there has made it easier though). The fact that N. Service Road does not connect to Old York Road can not be accidental.

The 403 to the Linc has a similar vast expanse going down the mountain where if one guy makes a mistake, you'll be stuck waiting for a year before you see the Westdale ramp.

Plus this is all part of the main commuter path to Toronto. A truck jacknifes in Oakville and Hamilton's whole ring road is down.

Yes, under optimal conditions these are much faster than going through downtown, but optimal never happens. So it's no surprise that drivers go through the city.

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