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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted December 06, 2010 at 17:21:29

Seriously, unless you actually knew what these trucks were carrying and specifically where they taking it to or bringing it from, how can you possibly make such a statement?

Sit out there and look. These are industrial strength trucks carrying industrial strength loads. Tandem trailers, etc. I actually called out to a driver once to ask where he was heading... answer? "Windsor!"

Do you really believe that trucks are leaving the QEW and driving all the way through the city to get to the 403 or vice versa?

Yes I do believe it. But even if a truck originates in the east end industrial areas, they should me taking the highways out. RHVP->Linc->403 or QEW->Toronto. We absolutely do not need to build a highway across the North end, the highways we have are perfectly functional - it's just that we've induced through-traffic demand by making cannon and main so easy for half a century and now the people who use them think the world will end if we slow them down.

Slowing the roads down will make them so much better for every user EXCEPT the user who is only looking for a short cut - exactly the user we want to discourage from taking up space on the roads within the core.

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