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By jason (registered) | Posted December 07, 2010 at 09:15:20

it's simply untrue that we had a vibrant, bustling downtown 40 years ago. Sure, compared to today we did, but the decline began mere hours after the one-way conversions in the 50's. Read the Hamilton Spectator from 1957. Business owners demanding help due to falling income immediately after the switch:

Our downtown business owners begged and pleaded with city hall to put a stop to the killing of our downtown, but nobody listened.
The expropriation, one-way conversion and removal of streetcars and then trolleybuses all led to killing the downtown. One of the business owners talks about how all of their customers lived west of the core and now couldn't come in along King on either transit or by car.
It's not rocket science. Convert every street back to two-way or very slow, narrow one-ways where necessary, add in LRT, bike lanes and street parking, get rid of insane zoning requirements and watch out. This place will be hopping in a decade.

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