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By z jones (registered) | Posted December 12, 2010 at 21:26:08

@Meister oh bullshit. The reason a small semi detached house in the Beaches is so expensive is that lots of people want to live in the Beaches. Full stop.

Lots of people want to live in suburbs, sure, no one's arguing with you. But lots of other people want to live in cities. They want to live in cities even if they have to have smaller homes. Even if they have to give up a big backyard and a 2 car garage. They want to live in cities because everything in life is a trade off and they get more of what they want in exchange for what they're giving up.

You're guilty of exactly what you accuse RTH of. Assuming everyone is like you. Some people prefer cities... young people, creative people, people who like risks and starting new companies. People who make things and create value and drive progress.

Is it so awful that Hamilton wants in on that action? If you want to live somewhere that never changes, go find a small town somewhere. Stop trying to hold this city back from it's potential!

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