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By Roy (anonymous) | Posted February 22, 2007 at 11:03:46

Reacting to the current ongoing dilemma about prosperity and pollution tradeoff, we have to remember a few facts. We can not live in the land of prosperity, boast of open economy and then when it comes to decision making completely forget the benefits of market economy and refer to punitive measures to control events. North America has achieved its prosperity believing in the forces of market economy and has survived the shocks of any sort beleiving in those principles. And there is no reason to believe the lawmakers are all fools to have taken certain decisions at a point of time. It is a proven fact that the more measures you bring in to control an event, the more loopholes are created to break such rules and less committed are all parties to it, Finally such loopholes become breeding ground for corruption. The best way forward in a market driven economy is creating incentives to toe to different policies created by government in the interest of the society. So when someone like Mr. Lambert says oil industry is looking forward to collaborate with the government to look for a solution, I take that as an opportunity to move forward. Take the example of your own home. Rather than being a father who is bent on disciplining his children through Capital punishment, won't you enjoy the status with less stress and better results if you took a collaborative approach with your children, sat down and discussed with them and finally came up with a solution to best interest of all parties. With this understanding, I would like to propose that what is happening right now is in the best interest of the nation and can achieve long term results. It is no good to try and punch it at this critical juncture when we are all concerned about our tradeoff between prosperity and pollution.

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