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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted February 09, 2011 at 13:31:00 in reply to Comment 59431

I did get a friendly note put on my vehicle once during the James St N Art Crawl. On one of the side streets in that area, there is a 'by permit only' sign in front of one of the houses. I did not notice it (not sure how I missed it), but someone put a note on my windsheild stating that it was a 'permit' spot only. He/she could have been very rude about it, but it was a pleasant little 'hey, this is my spot' kind of thing.

Not only is our street a mess with very few having cleared a street parking spot, but there is a half-built vacant house that of course wasn't shovelled, and a corner lot business who seems to have forgotten there are two sides to their property. They also forgot to buy some salt. There is a walker-dependent woman on my street and this sort of thing leads to seniors being shut in much of the winter. My 95 year old grandfather talks about these same issues. What peeves me is that big businesses that are very laxed in his Stoney Creek neighborhod, are creating uneccesary discomforts for these people because my grandfather for one, enjoys going out for walks to do his shopping.

How to you police it, when there are so many property owners/businesses who simply cannot be bothered. Some of these un-cleared houses may be occupied by the elderly, but I know all of us on our street go out of our way to ensure their sidewalks and walkway's are cleared. These people pop out of their houses and are so apprecaitive. I don't want to lose them as neighbors, and I am sure they are holding off as long as they can, before they move out of the homes they have lived in longer than I have been alive.

These people are our best neighbors, and deserve to enjoy the freedoms of home ownership for as long as they can. What is one more sidewalk or one more lawn in the summertime?

Great topic, Adrian.

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