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By Carlos and Luisa (anonymous) | Posted February 13, 2011 at 14:02:17

I have a question, I tried to help someone renting a room for a period time of three to six months, , after six months, we asked to him to leave the room, because we were trying to rent our own house, due to economical situation, he did not. Instead he called the police, and they misinformed us to the Building Dept of Miami, Fl. They sent us a violation notice for $500.00. They say that we have efficiencies for rent in our home, which is not true. When we bought the house, 24 years ago, we converted the garage into a room,with no permit, which we already upgraded. We were five people, plus my parents and my sister. Now we have a hearing and my question is if somebody have some good ideas I mean good terminology for these cases, They say that I have the right for a translator, which is not case, eventhough I was not raised in this country, I know for sure that my English is not bad. They also say that I have the right to present witnesses, which I dont have. Please, dont leave alone, all ideas are welcome!!! Thanks,

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