Comment 59887

By bob lee (anonymous) | Posted February 16, 2011 at 22:42:33 in reply to Comment 59884

"It's more basic than that, Trolls think they have some kind of right to post their insults and crap all over someone else's website. Censorship would be if you could somehow stop them from running there OWN WEBSITE to post whatever gets them off. Of course that would be too much work, it's easier to just free ride and whine about being persecuted."

And now you're describing it as "someone else's property". And you say "the rest of us will go on believing". A pattern here.

So whose website is it? I assumed you meant it is 'ours' but I was wrong I guess. Is it Ryan MacGreal's? Ryan, is this your website, and do you want people to think of it as such? I'm interested to know the answer.

As to your rant, I think this is about the longest post of yours I've ever read, so it's a bit mysterious what you mean by people 'trying to do anything'. Your comments are invariably jabs and honestly I don't think I've ever read anything from you that's contributed to a discussion. If you prove me wrong - how about respond with 5 comments where you've added something that wasn't a jab or an empty accolade - I'll apologize and take this back.

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