Comment 59891

By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted February 17, 2011 at 00:23:19 in reply to Comment 59884

z jones >> A Smith you're free riding because RTH is actually good enough to have a sizeable following that you get to harass and insult from the sidelines instead of pitching in with something useful.

How do you know how "good" RTH is? Where are the numbers that tell you that this is the case? Here are the Alexa numbers for RTH...

If you look at all the numbers, it would appear RTH is going down, not up. I hope I'm wrong, but you should really ask Ryan what the true facts are.

>> keep pretending you're being "censored" because people here choose to ignore your bullshit

How can people both ignore my comments and read them at the same time? Unless of course people are downvoting them without reading them. Is that what you do?

According to Ryan's comment voting guidelines, people should NOT "Vote based on who wrote a comment. Try to judge each comment on its own merit."

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