Comment 59892

By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted February 17, 2011 at 00:41:52 in reply to Comment 59888

First off - unless Ryan's psychically collecting data that I don't know about, I really don't see how anybody could really know WHY somebody votes the way they did, to say nothing of who even voted.

Can none of those being constantly downvoted really think of any other reason why this would be happening? Why people might think these posts are "off topic" or "inappropriate" for reasons other than the ideology of the author?

As for the "open forum" issue - what, exactly, does that mean? How far does that extend? Can people post fictitious storm warnings? Insert random HTML code? Must we post every opposing viewpoint, no matter how crass, insulting or pointless? Every self-righteous accusation that somebody is being "discriminated against" because people disapprove of their grammar, tone or "logic"?

RTH is a community, and while it's very open, members of the community will respond when they feel that it is being threatened. When certain people constantly spew vitriol against this site and its community, it's only natural to start seeing people react. We're human, and we don't like being called names.

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