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By Jenn Aniston (anonymous) | Posted February 17, 2011 at 13:32:18

According to Alexa - "Jennifer Aniston Hair" is in the top ten searches for the Spec - we would all agree that this is high level discourse for the community!

Ryan, might I suggest you blow past the comment above and forget the fading issue and think much bigger. Word for word, this site far exceeds the quality of the spec. I think it's time to take RTH to the next level and expand coverage and content to provide a more expanse and immersive community experience.

While there a great many people who do quite well, and are sufficiently served by, the current mainstream media mix in this city, I know a significant group are not. My circle of friends represents a great variety of interests, but they don't bother with local media because the product simply isn't good from their standpoint and doesn't really provide value for the time it takes to actually read or listen to it.

A well rounded RTH (by well-rounded I mean adding more "what to do" entertainment, perhaps sports, etc.) would create a portal to the issues, activities, and debates that are of interest to me as a Hamiltonian. Most importantly, such a source is a necessary component to remind folks that the this city is much more than the bullshit that is spun-out on a daily basis by the meatheads (and their trolls) in the regular press. That's what I like about RTH - not that I agree with everyone here, but it is obvious that the people here are interesting, intelligent, and engaged citizens who are inspiring. Quite simply, I read debate on this site (some of the more recent stuff notwithstanding :)) and I like my city more! I read the spec and it's a giant, long-winded, and depressing case for the status quo and those who profit quite nicely off it. More so, the Spec (and CHML) scream out mediocrity and almost suggest that we should settle for less as a city on a number of issues (just like trolls come to think of it!)

Dealing with trolls is a waste of time - Trolls are a symptom of are larger problem, not the problem in an of themselves.

Take this whole outfit to the next level and let's get on with living and building a better city!

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