Comment 59929

By Mahesh (registered) - website | Posted February 17, 2011 at 16:18:59 in reply to Comment 59925

No, sorry "nobrainer"!! -- Mahesh P. Butani

PS: I am presuming here that you are not a troll too, and that I am not biting the bait by replying to you!

Given the broad reluctance of most commenter here to stay focused on the article itself - I think we all come across as trolls here.

Do you think the key to a successful conversation is the ability to moderate the discussion with savvy - which takes lot more energy and mental bandwidth, than merely countering opinions with more opinions to justify the original position?

Maybe in the end nobody is wrong and everyone is searching for answers, and our teachers have just let us out into the world with poor communication skills which do not permit divergent thoughts to co-exist in the same space :)

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