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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted February 27, 2011 at 13:24:18 in reply to Comment 60063

IF- & this is a big IF...'A. Smith' is the same "A. Smith", that frequently comments as "A. Smith" on the Spec blogs, I have to draw the conclusion that the base & only reason for "A. Smith's" objections to a number of things, are his personal property taxes.

Not Your property taxes, or My property taxes, or even Our property taxes, ..just "A. Smith's" property taxes.

Property taxes concern me too, & probably I'm a lot closer to the $$$ tipping point than many of the "A. Smiths" of the GHA.

However, since I do read the Real Estate section of the Spec, I have seen house for sale...No let's make that McCastles for sale, that are on "Landscaped acreage, with outdoor pool, tennis court, hot tub inside & out, 6 bathrooms, ??? (many) bedrooms, indoor fireplace etc., etc., etc.," & these homes according to the Real Estate listing, seem to be paying less than $1000.00 more per year than older modest local homes with 1, 1 1/2 or 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms that are built on Much smaller lots.

That "A. Smith" of Spec blogs seems to have No problem with that. He/She seems to think it's o.k.. Maybe it's some kind of trickle down economic theory?

Ie: The less property taxes the very affluent pay, the more stainless steel fridges, BMW's,,gold plated widgets, they will buy?? :(

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